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Digital Fire Also known as Conner Koula is a Montreal based DJ who’s travelled and performed at events all around the province of Quebec, Ontario and the east coast of Canada. After discovering electronic music in 2010, his burning ambition to pursue the nightlife and entertainment industry spread like wild fire as he started attending shows underaged at 17 years old. Applying himself in various genres of music in the industry, as a open format DJ, promoter and videographer, gaining extensive knowledge and built his network. Early 2013 brought a lot of recognition for his very first festival performance at Like Minds Music Festival in Peterborough Ontario. His versatility lead to other endeavours such becoming the official DJ for the group So Clean” a collective of car enthusiasts known for hosting the biggest car shows in Montreal. Soon after being approached by the record label ‘’Trash Family’’  to join the team and embark on the East Coast D-Tour, only a small 3 date tour in Fredericton New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. It was certain that after reaching this far this raging flame could not stopped. 2017 saw the launch of “Oddballers”  a collective of underdog DJ’s and producers around Canada that need an outlet to share their music receive mentorship. playing a wide variety of bass music genres such as,

Electro / Bass House / Dubstep / Trap & Hip Hop and other underground sounds, Digital Fire is no stranger to erupting dance floors and festival grounds with energetic performances. 

DJ Set 2017


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